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Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC) Institute: An AASHTO Center for Excellence
Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC) Institute: An AASHTO Center for Excellence


A final update to this content was completed in March 2022.

Federal Credit Assistance

State Infrastructure Banks

State Infrastructure Banks (SIBs) are revolving infrastructure investment funds for surface transportation that are established and administered by states. A SIB, much like a private bank, can offer a range of loans and credit assistance enhancement products to public and private sponsors of Title 23 highway construction projects or Title 49 transit capital projects. The requirements of Titles 23 and 49 apply to SIB repayments from Federal and non-Federal sources. All repayments are considered to be Federal funds.

SIBs give states the capacity to increase make more efficient use of its transportation funds and significantly leverage Federal resources by attracting non-Federal public and private investment. Alternatively, SIB capital can be used as collateral to borrow in the bond market or to establish a guaranteed reserve fund. Loan demand, timing of needs, and debt financing considerations are factors to be weighed by states in evaluating a leveraged SIB approach.

SIBs are capitalized with Federal-aid surface transportation funds and matching state funds. (Several states have established SIBs or separate SIB accounts capitalized solely with state funds.) As loans or other credit assistance forms are repaid to the SIB, its initial capital is replenished and can be used to support a new cycle of projects.

Additional Information

The FHWA Center for Innovative Finance Support is responsible for ensuring that the SIB pilot programs and other related innovative revenue and credit programs are effectively administered, and for providing technical assistance to the states and FHWA Division Offices with respect to these programs. View additional information on: