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Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC) Institute: An AASHTO Center for Excellence
Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC) Institute: An AASHTO Center for Excellence


A final update to this content was completed in March 2022.

The Institute brings a customer-based approach to devising comprehensive training, education, and technical assistance programs. The Institute's most important function is to share information and develop training materials on project finance for surface transportation improvements. The Institute will develop and deliver an array of learning platforms for capacity building and training geared toward target audiences with varying levels of technical knowledge and different needs. These products will be developed to address the objectives of the target audiences, their base knowledge, areas of interest, and their preferences for instructor-led or self-directed learning.

Capacity Building Continuum
  Peer Exchanges topic description Expert Panel Sessions topic description Webinars topic description Workshops/Training Seminars topic description Website Resources topic description
Learning Objective

Implementation & application


High-level topical overview

Industry knowledge sharing; best practices

In-depth topic analysis and reference data
Content Type/Format

Instruction, discussion & activity

Instruction & discussion

Presentation and Q&A

Discussion & presentation

Online technical content and information

1/2 hour-2 days

1/2 hour-1 day

1-1.5 hours

1-2 days

As determined by reader

Instructor led

Facilitator led

Instructor led

Facilitator led


Discussion with group activities

Presentation and discussion

Presentation with visual and video



Capacity Building Continuum
Peer Exchanges

Learning Objective: Implementation & application

Content Type/Format: Instruction, discussion & activity

Length: 1/2 hour-2 days

Format: Instructor led

Delivery: Discussion with group activities

Expert Panel Sessions

Learning Objective: Implementation

Content Type/Format: Instruction & discussion

Length: 1/2 hour-1 day

Format: Facilitator led

Delivery: Presentation and discussion


Learning Objective: High-level topical overview

Content Type/Format: Presentation and Q&A

Length: 1-1.5 hours

Format: Instructor led

Delivery: Presentation with visual and video

Workshops/Training Seminars

Learning Objective: Industry knowledge sharing; best practices

Content Type/Format: Discussion & presentation

Length: 1-2 days

Format: Facilitator led

Delivery: Discussion

Website Resources
Learning Objective: In-depth topic analysis and reference data
Content Type/Format: Online technical content and information
Length: As determined by reader
Format: self-directed
Delivery: Online



Structured gatherings of technical colleagues to exchange information on thematic topics. They often involve panel presentations, question and answer sessions, group exercises, and in some cases, breakout discussion groups to explore narrower topics.

Expert Panel Sessions.

Roundtable, facilitated discussion among senior personnel from different organizations on a thematic topic.

Peer Exchanges.

Gatherings of technical experts from different organizations who perform similar technical roles, consultants who support them, academics, and other stakeholders who desire to learn from them.

Training Seminars.

Teaching forums of customizable length where a team of technical and/or policy experts leads the participants through a series of sessions that begin with background information and then proceed to illustrate the use of different types of analysis or tools, and provide detailed how-to information on the actual conduct of analysis or tools for use by practitioners.



Interactive, online conferences or workshops where a speaker(s) discusses a technical topic, usually with an accompanying slide presentation, web tour, or video stream. Participants join the webinar from disparate remote locations through an Internet connection that allows real-time communication from the sender to multiple receivers.


Online comprehensive practitioner's resource for project finance capacity building.