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Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC) Institute: An AASHTO Center for Excellence
Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC) Institute: An AASHTO Center for Excellence

BATIC Institute Events

A final update to this content was completed in March 2022.

Peer Exchange

Chief Financial Officers (CFO)

This event took place November 3, 2016 in Washington, DC.

photo: CFO participants engaged in roundtable discussion

CFO participants engaged in roundtable discussion

Event Description

The Peer Exchange for transportation agency CFOs facilitated an exchange of ideas and best practices, and discussions about common challenges and opportunities in four major focus areas:

  • Revenue
  • Finance
  • Policy
  • Project Management


Relevant Web Links and Information Sources

  • AASHTO FAST Act / MAP-21 Implementation Plan
    Topics: Project Management, Policy
    Up-to-date federal legislation implementation issues and AASHTO recommendations on: revenue and finance, program and project delivery, performance management, asset management, and other topics
  • A CFO's Handbook on Performance Management (AASHTO, 2011)
    Topics: Finance, Revenue, Project Management
    Addresses how performance management techniques can improve funding and financing activities by: making the case for more, increasing efficiency, improving financial management
  • Current Information on Road User Charges (NCSL)
    Topics: Revenue
    Information on road user charges legislation, pilot programs, and federal involvement including demonstration programs
  • Debt Finance Practices for Surface Transportation (NCHRP, 2009)
    Topics: Finance
    Presents basic principles of public agency debt issuance and suggests best practices and areas of improvement
  • FHWA FAST Act Website
    Topics: Policy
    Links to FAST Act implementation milestones, bill provision summaries, funding amounts, program area factsheets, and guidance and regulations
  • Guidebook on Financing of Highway P3 Projects (FHWA, 2016)
    Topics: Finance, Policy
    Reviews the financial assessment of P3 projects prior to procurement and implementation: organizational and contractual structures, financial structures, financial models and statements, and financial viability assessment
  • Performance Management Final Rules and NPRMs (FHWA)
    Topics: Project Management, Policy
    Current status and information on federal rulemaking related to MAP-21 performance management requirements
  • Project Finance Primer (FHWA, 2010)
    Topics: Finance, Revenue
    Reviews bonds and credit assistance tools: GARVEEs, Private Activity Bonds, 63-20 Issuance, TIFIA, Section 129 Loans, State Infrastructure Banks
  • SIBs 101 (FHWA, 2016)
    Topics: Finance
    Presentation course on how SIBs work and opportunities under the FAST Act
  • Successful Practices for P3s (USDOT, 2016)
    Topics: Project Management, Policy
    Compiles recommended practices related to P3 legislation and policy, project development, procurement, and performance monitoring and oversight
  • The Use of Advance Construction in Financing Transportation Projects (AASHTO, 2011)
    Topics: Project Management, Revenue
    Synthesizes practices of AC's use, presenting the range in which the technique is used, what works well and what are its limitations, and successful practices from 12 case studies
  • Transportation Finance State by State
    Topics: Finance, Policy
    This interactive map provides a 2011 snapshot of Transportation Funding & Finance, Organization & Leadership, and Legislative Interaction for all 50 states.
  • Comprehensive Transportation Funding & Financing information
    Topics: Finance, Revenue, Policy, Project Management
    Contains comprehensive technical content and information, organized into four major areas: Funding, Financing, Legislation & Regulations and Briefing Papers
  • Recent Legislation to Increase State Gasoline Taxes (NCSL)
    Topics: Revenue
    19 states and D.C. have enacted legislation since 2013 to increase state fuel taxes. This webpage provides links and summaries to each piece of legislation.
  • Transportation Funding Deep Dive (NCSL)
    Topics: Revenue
    NCSL Deep Dives are one-stop shops for all things policy related to a particular topic. This webpage holds information on all of NCSL's transportation revenue and finance resources.
  • P3 Toolkit (NCSL)
    Topics: Finance
    This document serves as an introductory and comprehensive resource on P3 policy written with a legislative audience in mind.
  • P3 Statute Categorization and Analysis (NCSL)
    Topics: Finance
    This 2016 document categorizes and analyzes all transportation public-private partnership laws adopted by the 33 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico that have enacted such legislation.